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Lupo&Wolf aboutFounded in 2014 by Creative Director Luca Armenia, whose love for animals led him to create a fashion brand that would give a third of profits to their conservation, there are two distinct sides to the Lupo & Wolf brand: wild/dangerous or gentle/elegant.
The debut collection has a rock ‘n’ roll meets preppy look with styles ranging from statement necklaces to studded bangles.

Our values

Driven by an unwavering dedication to animal conservation, Lupo & Wolf strives to create unique and timeless jewellery, inspired by the unique fusion of nature, wildlife, and beauty. All activity is underpinned by a desire to serve as a major sponsor of conservationalists around the Globe. However, the sad reality is that today, many animal species’ are dangerously close to extinction, as a result of reckless human behaviour and selfishness.

As a brand, we believe that it is our moral duty to do what we can, and start by giving the animals their rightful habitat back. To make this dream a reality, vast funds are required to buy back and regain the lost land, as well as to provide further resources for existing parks. National Parks are under threat by humans living in the surrounding areas, not to mention the ongoing battles fought against ruthless poachers.

Our belief is, that in addition to charitable organisations who rely on good will and donations, there are other ways to raise awareness and most importantly, the finances required to support this positive activity – such as a radical integration and involvement of the market economy. One such way could be to support “Animal Copyright”: the images of animals which are exploited by big brands around the world (Puma, Jaguar, Caterpillar to name a few). These brands do not pay for the privilege of associating their products with the animals themselves, but when a brand uses a celebrity ambassador to endorse its product or service, that person would of course be handsomly renumerated. Why then, should a corporation not pay an animal, which it bases its core values and I.P. on.

We believe that every brand that uses creatures or wildlife as part of its name, logo or marketing, should find a way of financially aiding those animals they are depicting – for the privilege of exploitation. It is for this exact reason that Lupo and Wolf donates 1/3 of its profits to this innovative conservation programme.

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    1/3 of Lupo & Wolf's profits will be donated to animal & habitat conservation schemes

  • 2

    Support of charitable projects intent on returning the habitat back to its rightful owners

  • 3

    Outstanding achievement rewards to those helping to make a difference - in the form of cash/jewellery

Our projects

For every £100 of sales,  Lupo & Wolf makes an automatic £5 donation to animal conservation projects. This is done in one of two ways:

1. Lupo & Wolf donate to different charity projects across the globe. The projects are tangible and practical and serve as a main objective : to give back habitat to animals and help to conserve them.

2. Lupo & Wolf directly sponsor people for specific projects and give prizes for extraordinary achievement. For example, in 2015 we will be giving a cash donations as well as special jewellery, to the families of rangers killed whilst defending animals.

So far Lupo & Wolf have partnered with:

Autumn/Winter 2014 – The Snow Leopard Trust (
Spring/Summer 2015 – Save The Rhino International (

For further information about our conservation projects, please go to our blog.